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The company

"Simplicity is the fundamental note of every true elegance"

- Coco Chanel

LabelRose is committed to creating a brand that makes everyone feel special and allows you to build your self-confidence.

Label Rose means celebrating real people, it's not an online store, it goes further: it's a world where people come together to be inspired and cultivate their minds and relationships: we share values, we share empowerment, we share our personal path in the realization of the company.

Our goal is to make Label Rose a reference brand in the world of bags, inspiring people to express their authenticity and security. We will constantly improve our products through innovative research and development. We will offer an unmatched online shopping experience, with impeccable customer service, fast shipping and an intuitive platform. We want to simplify the selection and purchase process of Label Rose bags. We will listen to the needs of customers and create an authentic connection with them. We are determined to exceed the expectations of our customers and become a successful brand. Thank you for your support and trust so far, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey with Label Rose.


The Fashion is an art Which arouses suggestion, curiosity and travel. It's a Instant emotion and an intense experience , A constantly evolving daydream that engages the heart and stimulates the imagination through a process of constant experimentation. In this vast scenario, illuminated by the inexhaustible passion, Label Rose Represents an incessant flow of ideas and stylistic innovation. We are moved by tenacity, commitment and a natural inclination towards sophistication and creativity. Our brand stands out for a Elegance Understated, minimal and harmonious, which manifests itself through bags, suitcases, jewelry and other extremely versatile feminine accessories. Our collections are characterized by a mixture of color palettes capable of evoking Glamor and charm Without ostentation. The materials, patterns and models enhance a design that is carefully cared for in detail, with the aim of offering Exclusivity and sophistication To modern, up-to-date and demanding women. We are here to meet the needs of dynamic women looking for a contemporary and chic style that unites practicality and class. Label Rose is dedicated to all of them, aware protagonists of the 3.0 era, Brave and dreamy women Chameleon Able to adapt to changes in trends without betraying their authenticity and what matters most: being themselves. Label Ros And he is moving with determination towards a future full of Opportunities and great expectations . We are aware that only through commitment, perseverance, conviction and untankable industriousness will we be able to achieve all our goals. Our growth potential is remarkable and we intend to focus over the next three/five years on specific European countries , Without ever neglecting the development of our online sales channel, which is an important commercial tool. Our product offering, the winning creative proposal, the pricing strategy and the layout of our stores will be fundamental elements through which the company will increase its appeal and presence in the market, addressing both consumers and B2B stakeholders. The awareness of our brand, emphasized by our distinctive pink color, will become the focal point that will unite all the interconnected dynamics of our marketing plan, in order to make them more and more coherent, unique and coordinated. To this end, we will strive to exploit a multiplicity of online and offline channels that place no limits on our imagination, but open us up to new and ambitious horizons to discover and pursue together, more united than ever.


Francesca Ammaturo: “My bags are my story, my fatigue, my sweat, my sacrifices”

Francesca Ammaturo, founder of Label Rose, tells her story to Tgcom24.

Label Rose bags and accessories brand lands in Britain

Forbes, 19 December 2022

With her Label Rose brand, Francesca Ammaturo has made the bag and accessories market accessible. The idea, when she was only 19, came to her after observing a market gap for low-priced accessories.


Forbes, 16 November 2022

Exclusively the protagonists of the Forbes world. Massimiliano Carrà meets Francesca Ammaturo, CEO of Label Rose and Fabrizio Gavelli, president and CEO Danone Company Italy & Greece.

Francesca, from dance to the boom of bags sold online: «For the banks I was just a beautiful girl and instead…»

Corriere del Veneto-Economy, 14 November 2022
Francesca Ammaturo and the all-female staff of "Label Rose".
During the pandemic, Francesca Ammaturo created "Label Rose": today it has a turnover of more than three million: "I show the entire production process, so I create value". She has 13 collaborators: "Italy is not a country for working women and this must change"

From dancer to entrepreneur, Francesca Ammaturo and her Label Rose. 'I dropped everything from one day to the next. The first month? Not even the money to buy the boxes”

Il Gazzettino, 10 October 2022

Francesca Ammaturo, 27, had a future in ballet. He gave up the stage to open a business in the Treviso area by focusing on e-commerce. Now its “Label Rose” has a turnover of three million. And it is the subject of study at the University.

How this entrepreneur has managed with her brand to make the accessories market more accessible

Forbes, 7 July 2022

When she thinks she can't do it, Francesca Ammaturo, a young entrepreneur with the brand of bags and fashion accessories Label Rose, thinks back to the beginnings. When, from an office without windows and with a single collaborator, he dreamed of shops, personalized products, offices and many collaborators.

# Talking with Francesca Ammature

SpaghettiMag, 25 May 2020

Francesca is a young woman with very clear ideas, straightforward, determined and in love with her work. He lives intensely everything he does. There are many experiences that have led her to be the woman of today, who still dreams and gets excited when she talks about her brand

Francesca Ammaturo: Dreaming in Smart Working Mode

3D Magazine, 28 April 2020

I began to perceive that things would not go according to my plan already towards the end of February when, returning from London, I was taken the temperature upon my arrival in Naples. I was supposed to go back to London a week later, but it didn't turn out that way!

Label Rose by Francesca Ammaturo

Desnudo, 28 April 2020

This is the story of Francesca, a young Neapolitan entrepreneur who alone created her small empire in the Fashion industry. Moving as a child to Dresden to pursue her dream, dance, and then return to Italy and start again due to a strong vocation: fashion.

From the book "Italian Digital Excellence", 7 March 2020

Young Girls with a passion for replicability: Francesca Ammaturo
The story of Label Rose was born in 2014 when Francesca Ammaturo (born in 1995), thanks to the thirty years of experience of her family in the fashion and retail sector, decided to start the project.

Young in people, strong in content

Milonaire, 11 November 2018

Born on the initiative of a very young entrepreneur, a brand of bags and fashion accessories that, after an initial development in southern Italy, today aims to conquer the national territory

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