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SISSY is a fabric bucket with bag closure and silver details. It is an elegant and versatile accessory, ideal for completing both casual and more refined looks. The bag has a spacious and soft structure, a typical feature of bucket bags. The sack closure allows you to easily adjust the opening and keep personal items safe. The silver/gold details add a touch of luxury and modernity to the design, making the bag a distinctive and fashionable piece.

DIMENSIONI L x H 19 x 19 cm
Manico removibile e tracolla
- Lunghezza tracolla: 106 cm
- Ampiezza luce tracolla: 51 cm
- Lunghezza manico a spalla: 42 cm
- Ampiezza luce manico a spalla: 22 cm

Esterno: Tessuto in tweed

Interno: fodera brandizzata

Hardware: acciaio

- Apertura a sacco

- Due taschine interne di cui una con zip
- Dettagli color argento/oro tutti brandizzati
- Logo anteriore LR color argento/oro

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