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  1. Fabric trousse with polka dots SMALL - WHITE
  2. Fabric trousse with fruits SMALL - BLUE
  3. Fabric trousse with fruits SMALL - WHITE
  4. Fabric trousse with fruits SMALL - PINK
  5. Fabric trousse with roses SMALL - YELLOW
  6. Fabric trousse with roses SMALL - BLUE
  7. Fabric Trousse with roses SMALL - PINK
  8. Fabric trousse with flowers SMALL - PEACH
  9. Sponge Trousse SMALL - BROWN
  10. Sponge Trousse SMALL - LIGHT BLUE
  11. Sponge Trousse SMALL - PINK
  12. Sponge Trousse SMALL - SALMON
  13. Sponge Trousse SMALL - GREEN

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