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Hello girls!

Welcome to our blog, where elegance meets the timeless beauty of Tuscan landscapes! Today we present a unique collection of bags and clothes inspired by this land rich in history, art and nature. We are sure that you will fall in love with these masterpieces that capture the very essence of Tuscany.

Tuscany is famous for its rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, endless vineyards and picturesque villages that seem to come out of a picture. This collection is inspired by these magnificent panoramas, trying to capture the magic and serenity that permeate the Tuscan atmosphere. The warm and earthy colors, such as the yellow of the sun and the green of the olive trees, are reflected in the fabrics and details of these unique garments.

Our collection presents a selection of Sandy, Elisabeth and Rose Monogram Tote raffia bags, perfect for summer and to complete your Tuscan-inspired look. The raffia is a natural and light material that evokes the informal and relaxed atmosphere of summer days spent among the Tuscan fields.

Each raffia bag is characterized by a light and airy design, perfect for hot summer days. The details are minimalist but refined, with handles or shoulder straps made of vegan leatherette, which add a touch of rustic elegance. The raffia bags of our collection are versatile and suitable for different occasions. You can wear them with a light summer dress for a fresh and informal look during a walk in the Tuscan countryside, or combine them with a more sophisticated outfit for an evening aperitif in one of the picturesque villages of the region. In addition to their charming aesthetic, raffia bags are also functional and spacious. You can take with you all the essentials for a day at the beach or for a trip out of town, such as your beach towel, a good book and a straw hat. The raffia is a durable material, able to protect your items with style and practicality.


LABEL ROSE: Sandy Terracotta
ASOS: Dress ref. 12635936
LABEL ROSE: Yellow EMMA Sandal


LABEL ROSE: Sandy rosa candy
LABEL ROSE: Sandal LU white
ZARA: pink dress ref. 1067/833

Wearing one of these raffia bags, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and summer atmosphere of Tuscany. You will feel surrounded by the lightness and freshness that characterize this land, and you will be ready to face the hottest days with style and comfort.

By choosing a raffia bag from our collection, you will bring with you a piece of Tuscan craftsmanship, enriched by a summer and contemporary reinterpretation. These accessories will allow you to express your personality and your love for Tuscany in a unique and authentic way.

Stay tuned for the next new labelrosine!

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