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The Labelrose Team lands at Rome And we are so excited to meet you in the capital, in the Eternal city .

How many Roman Labelrosines will await us? I admit that the emotion is great not only for our community but also for the city itself, it is so beautiful that every time coming back is a real fortune.
I start by train on Friday evening with Marty, who supports me to manage social media and Shooting .
The trip helped us to respond to some backward dm (you are always a lot), put in order the ideas on the outfits to be taken the next morning and organize the last things.

The Team Instead he reaches us the following morning and I am attaching here some photos they sent me of their arrival

It is the morning of March 25th and before the event I arrange the last combinations to photograph the new bag campaign that you will soon see, and then go to the make-up department. With my makeup artists and hairdressers we have long thought about the perfect combinations to bring out the bags. For us all the details are fundamental and nothing is left to chance.

Ore 14 . Now very little is missing and the agitation is felt. Finally before my eyes it is realized: The bags are available at the Coin in Rome via Cola di Rienzo!!
Vittoria and I went to greet you hand in hand, a symbol that we are having this experience together and my family is always at the center of everything.

The event begins and I can say that in this we have reached a record, you have never been so many even in Milan, there was an absurd line. Thinking that you were there for the brand I created and for me made me full of joy: some of you waited up to two hours to hug me. Thanks for all the emotions you always give me.

THE WINNER The first Labelrose bag of our claw machine was won at Coin in Rome. The beautiful Petite Jolie ottanio.

LABELROSE TEAM OUTFIT : For this stage change! We opted for a one-shoulder counter top and pink trousers, which would take up the mood of the brand you know well by now. A comfortable but impressive suit that would allow the girls to follow you at their best feeling comfy.
FRANCY'S LOOK: Another event, another dress at the height of the wonderful capital. A one-shoulder kidnapped with fuchsia sequins and a long tail, Wow !
With the team we stayed in Rome also the night and the following Sunday, so we could leave them the way to savor the delicious Roman cuisine and to visit this wonderful city a bit.

To the next stop Labelrosine!

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