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Hello girls! Here I am to tell you the fifth and penultimate stop of this beautiful tour.
I came to Naples With Marty a day before the team, or Friday 7 April at 10:00 .

We reach Castel dell'Ovo. In front, we were staying with the hotel and so we couldn't help but take a beautiful walk along the seafront.

The weather was beautiful but very breezy and a bit cold.

We took some photos, and then rewarded with a lunch based on the Real Neapolitan Pizza. How good!!

In the afternoon we met the two Labelrosine in the hotel room who offered to make me the dress: the girls from Mira Store .

They discarded it in front of my eyes and I couldn't believe it: and it was really perfect!

I wanted to dedicate a few words to these very determined girls: I am proud and proud to have supported a reality of young women and I really wish you to take your business to a high level!

I will always be happy to support young women like me.

Here are the outfits I took with the Paige.

I brought with me the beige one, an extremely versatile neutral color, and the orange one, which you know are among my favorite colors.

Orange is a super matching color, in fact you can wear it with a really huge color palette: from neutral to brighter colors. The only limit: Don't match too many colors together.

The next day wake up early, the rest of the team joined us and we started the preparation: I leave below the references of the products they used on me.
This is the wonderful dress that Mira Store has made for me.
I accompanied him with Paige Fragola, who perfectly matched the colors of the dress, and gold-colored jeweled sandals.
VITTORIA'S LOOK: Here are also the references to Vittoria's outfit. A powder pink dress that is very simple as it is of effect. Matching, Paige Celeste. Beautiful Vi!!
THE EVENT : Despite the weather and the weather alert on Naples, you have come in many.

I really don't believe yet in what has been achieved and in the crazy community that has been created around me in recent years. I am impressed and deeply grateful.

I want to thank all of you, from the first to the last girl I met.

Thanks Naples. Thanks to my city, for which I will always have a special place in my heart.

Below you can browse all the photos of the event: / /
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