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DEPARTURE: Our day always starts very early, departure from Treviso at 8:00!!
It is the second event and we are always very excited. This time the arrival is scheduled one hour earlier than the last event, in fact, to improve more and more we have made further changes to the set-up and this required more time to prepare: we are always evolving for you!!
Welcome to Florence Team!!
GET THE TEAM LOOK: For the team I thought of keeping the same outfit in Milan, I leave you here the references, if you want to feel like the labelrose Team too!
The mini Aida was once again a worthy ally to contain everything necessary that my team needed during the event to follow you in the best possible way!

GET THE FRANCY LOOK: This time I chose a less structured dress than the first event, but still super representative: glitter and sequins made everything more magical!
Pink background color that perfectly reproduces the Color Labelrose, I found it simply delicious and very suitable for the occasion. I leave the references below, in case you have a special occasion so you can “take me with you”.



Meeting you in Florence was really magical, you were a little more shy than in Milan and therefore many of you opted for shopping and some photos with me, and for the bravest girls it was an advantage actually because we were able to do longer conversations. I like to listen to you and get to know the girls who support me from home every day.
It fills me with joy to see you and for this I say thank you!
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