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Hello girls! Here I am to tell you the stage of Como .

I'm honest, I was a bit worried about this event, I thought there would be few people, being a destination close to Milan, and instead this time too you surprised me.

You came in a light but continuous flow, and I kept smiling and smiling, greeting you, exchanging ideas with you and taking pictures.

Below I'll tell you how the day went.The team and I arrived in Como at 12:00 and we all took a small break together. Subsequently, we immediately reached Coin to prepare the display of the bags, the claw machine and organize the meeting station with you.

2.30 pm It's time to get dressed for the event!

FRANCY'S LOOK : This time I chose to play with the pink color on the bag. Yes, before you the wonderful Paige fuxia (this is a mega spoiler!).

Then, I wore a simple and elegant little red dress, which in my opinion matcha to perfection with the color of Paige.
Finally, a hairstyle collected to close the look in the best way.

LABELROSE TEAM OUTFIT : For this stage we have decided to keep the same suit with white top and pink trousers of the last two dates, but we have chosen Roxy as a companion, in all its colors.
VITTORIA'S LOOK: Here are also the references to Vittoria's outfit, you always ask me in many. A beautiful dress in powder pink tweed with white and salmon inserts.
THE EVENT : My team pointed out that we really talked a lot with many of you, even more than in Florence (in the other events you were so many that it was impossible to have a little longer conversations with you).

I always like to listen to you because you often share personal details with me that make me feel a part of you, a bit like a “big sister”. But above all because you give me advice on our creations, and for me you are pure inspiration!

A girl made me smile a lot because she wanted at all costs to take a picture with Zoe, our hairy little mascot.

Below you can browse all the photos of the event: / /
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