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The Company

"Simplicity is the keynote of any true elegance" Coco Chanel
Fashion is art, suggestion, curiosity and travel, it is instant emotion and intense experience, a daydream always in turmoil that envelops and involves both the heart and the imagination in a process of constant experimentation. In this vast scenario illuminated today by inexhaustible passion, LABEL ROSE thus represents a flow of ideas and stylistic renewal that never cease, but which are nourished every day thanks to tenacity, commitment and natural inclination for refinement and creativity. The universe of the brand masterfully traces a sober, minimal and harmonious elegance, declining every season bags, suitcases, bijoux and other feminine elements in support of extreme versatility, in a metissage of chromatic palettes capable of evoking glamor at a glance and charm never ostentatious.
Materials, patterns and models therefore enhance a meticulous design of details, with a view to an exclusive refinement conceived for modern, up-to-date and demanding women, in continuous movement and in search of a contemporary-chic taste that combines impact practicality and class . LABEL ROSE was born for all of them, conscious and self-confident protagonists of the 3.0 era, courageous heroines and chameleonic dreamers able to change as trends change, without ever distorting or betraying what they care about above all else: themselves.
Competitiveness, scrupulous knowledge of the market, qualitative improvement of the levels of training, research, design, processing and distribution logistics: these are the salient keys that will open the doors of tomorrow.
LABEL ROSE is advancing diligently towards a future in turmoil and great expectation, in the certainty that only by introducing commitment, persistence of action, conviction and tireless industriousness can all the desired goals be achieved. The development potential is more than considerable, so much so that within the next three / five years we want to focus on certain European countries, without ever forgetting the growth of the eshop channel, a commercial lever with an undisputed driving appeal. The assortment of products, the creative sell out proposal, the pricing strategy and the store format will be basic factors through which the company will amplify the appeal and marketplace towards consumers and B2B stakeholders.
Brand Awareness - enhanced by the unmistakable pink pantone - will become the central link between the various interconnected dynamics resulting from the Marketing Plan, in order to become increasingly coherent, univocal and coordinated: to this end, the organization will in fact focus on multiple channels online and offline that never set limits of imagination, but only new, ambitious horizons to discover and pursue together, more compact than ever.
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