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"Some stories never happen by chance and seem to be the result of a lucky design of destiny from the beginning, in a chain of coincidences, decisions and predispositions that suddenly change the course of events and let us glimpse the right path to follow. "

Before talking to you about Label Rose, we need to take a leap into the past, because what I am today is the result of an infinite series of experiences that have characterized my path ...

I was small and chubby when I was playing in the style office at the age of 5 , at the time my father owned a large clothing company. Toys did not attract me enough, I much preferred the company with its thousands of offices, I preferred to disturb the employees with curious questions, but of all the offices the one that caught my attention most of all was definitely the one dedicated to style and to the creation of prototypes. I felt at home in that magical place where, after a long process, drawings became reality and made many women beautiful: infinite fabrics, buttons, samples, colored pencils, drawings, all this was pure magic for me who despite my tender age I enjoyed posing as an acclaimed stylist . I fell in love with that world slowly one step at a time. I performed my duties rigorously in recreation to have free time to spend in the company. I started scribbling, copying, coloring and inventing on paper until I learned how to use graphics programs. Usually it happened like this: when all the employees left, I was alone in the office, I took possession of a few computers first to practice, then to set up my collection, I was tiny, but already super determined , I drew and mastered the basic techniques of Photoshop to the point of designing my own collection. I was small but my dreams, unlike my height, were already immense.
At the same time I developed a second passion: ballet . The determination that has always distinguished me allowed me to reach important levels until I had the opportunity to move to Rome and study the National Academy of Dance in an important school, I was 15 years old ; when I decided to leave my city, my friends, my loved ones to move alone to the capital. A year later I moved to Dresden, it was once again a severe test of early maturity, I saw my family three times a year and I was studying as a private student to complete the third year of high school. My studies in Germany ended after 3 years with the achievement of the "Bachelor of Art" and with the achievement of two employment contracts as ballet dancer , so at 19 years old , I moved to the Czech Republic to start my career as a semi-solo theater dancer. Together with the satisfaction for the achievement of my goals, I began to feel empty from a social and cultural point of view, on the other hand I had dropped out of high school at 17 and had not completed the maturity as my peers and my constant changes of residence do not me. they had allowed me to forge solid friendships, I had not lived a carefree adolescence, but rather I had always and only been focused on achieving that one goal: to become a dancer. And as if, however, suddenly, once I reached that goal, I started missing everything that existed outside the theater and the four walls of the dance hall. All of a sudden I decided to leave everything and resume my studies , to take back experiences that I had not lived up to that moment, to start cultivating social relationships, but above all to re-emerge my first passion: fashion .
At 19 , after a short period in the Czech Republic, I went home , I went back to my country, to my city, I went back to speaking Italian frequently and I returned to live my family. Obviously, leaving dance was a long and thoughtful decision, but to date I have never regretted the choice I made. I immediately worked out that the only thing I would miss returning to Naples would be my independence, in fact already at 16 I started working in parallel with my dance studies as a waitress in an Italian restaurant at the weekend and already there I felt the satisfaction of being able to feel myself autonomous. I immediately began to design, think and conceive something that could make me "free" from what had been the impositions of the world of classical dance , where I had repeatedly realized that I was a mere performer of a series of steps. Obviously, I took back my first passion fashion , which despite everything, I had never abandoned, and at the same time I began to fill my social void by dating new people: I realized that wealthy girls with which ones I went out all had extremely expensive designer bags, those bags identified a certain social class, I wondered? Why on earth should a bag be able to label a girl or a woman? Obviously I did not own one and I would never have dared to ask my parents for such a sum just to feel part of a group, all this led me to reflect a lot. I wanted to be considered not for the logo evident on my bag, but for the fullness of my personality, for the experiences, for my ideas , I wanted at the same time to demonstrate that I can dress in a cool way but with clothes and accessories within the reach of my financial resources. I realized that there were no shops that sold a line of trendy bags and accessories, accessible to everyone, and I imagined the dissatisfaction of many girls and women in the same situation as me.
After a short time, a few weeks after my return to Italy, I decided to give life to Label Rose . Obviously, the budgets for communication were non-existent, so in the early days I had to do everything myself: I was a model, stylist, photographer, social media manager, visual merchandiser, warehouse worker, manager, in short, whatever was needed. To date I can be proud of the small results achieved, proud of having faced numerous battles alongside my family, proud of having first obtained a diploma, then a degree in management of international companies, proud of this brand and of the team that during the time helped me develop the idea of ​​a young woman. Obviously the path has been, and is long and tortuous, but on the other hand the difficult challenges are the most satisfying ones. This also wants to be a message of encouragement to all those women who are afraid to change, listen to yourself really, deeply, and give voice to what you feel and want, even if it is not what the outside world would want from you, even if it seems difficult. , because this is how dreams come true. I was first of all afraid of disappointing many people by leaving dance because in everyone's imagination I was the "dancer", many times I thought of the infinite sacrifices I made during my journey, I asked myself: what are you doing throw everything up in the air ? do you really want to leave your career as a dancer to have an uncertain future? how are you going to go to college if you left school at 16? and then again, will you be able to manage a company? how will you study and carry out your project at the same time? no matter how many questions I might have, I never stopped believing in myself and in my abilities , giving little weight to the opinion of others but following only and solely my heart and my instincts.
As Carl Gustav Jung said "feed the soul, because hunger transforms it into a beast that devours things it does not tolerate and by which it remains poisoned." Be faithful to yourself, always!
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