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The Promoter Company reserves the right to: -Make known the name of the winner; -Ask the winners and possibly the participants all the documents necessary to verify the correctness of the data and information included in the format where provided and the documentation certifying their compliance with the rules of participation; any request will be made through private communication (cd.

Direct) to the Instagram contact and/or by e-mail. Failure or incomplete transmission of the required documentation within the required time and procedure will result in exclusion from participation and in the event of a win the prize will be awarded to a reserve; -Carry out the appropriate checks, possibly canceling the registrations, participations or winnings made, according to the unquestionable judgment of the Promoter Company or of third parties appointed by the same, different from the provisions of the Regulations or by means, methods and/or instruments judged in a suspicious manner, fraudulent or in breach of the normal course of the initiative and, Consequently, excluding from participation users who do not comply with the rules, possibly also canceling the winnings already achieved; -Proceed, in the most appropriate terms and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative to circumvent the system devised. If any documentation requested for validation purposes is incomplete, illegible, and/or counterfeit or if it contains incomprehensible, incomplete and/or clearly untrue data, it will be deemed invalid for the purposes of participation in this event and the winnings will be invalidated in favor of a reserve. . The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify a competitor and/or block his account if behaviors such as to circumvent the game system devised (including, but not limited to hacking, creation of temporary, fictitious accounts, multiple participations, etc.). These shareholdings will be subject to checks. The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any problems of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty regarding the technical tools, the computer, the telephone line, the transmission and the connection, internet connection that may prevent a competitor from participating in the competition or accepting his/her winnings within the indicated time and manner. . The Promoter reserves the right, before validating the winnings, to verify that the user is a follower of the Promoter's Instagram page and has complied with all the conditions of participation (like the reel of 04/03/2023 and sharing of the latter in the stories); Any irregularities will invalidate the right to receive the prize and therefore in this case the winnings will be forfeited in favor of a reserve. -The winner is solely responsible for managing their account for receiving any winning message, with particular reference: :) When viewing any winning message, sending the documents required to validate the winnings from your account and/or participating in the direct Instagram in which the names of the two winners will be revealed; 、 To the adoption of security measures that prevent other subjects not authorized by the same from accessing their account. The Promoter Company and the third parties appointed by the same, do not assume any responsibility in the event of failure or late delivery of the winning notice in the event that one of the following conditions is met: :) The privacy settings set by the user's account prevent the receipt of messages; :) The user account used by the participant during the participation is non-existent or disabled; :) There is no response from the computer host after the notification of the winnings is sent. The prizes will be awarded to those entitled Within 30 days ( A month ) From the date of allocation. Exclusion of participants: Employees of the Promoter and Delegated Company and Third Parties involved in the organization of the competition are excluded from participating in this prize competition.
It should be noted that participation entails the consumer unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in this Regulation without any limitation. The prizes are neither transferable nor replaceable nor convertible into cash, nor are winners given the right to request, with or without the addition of sums of money, the possibility of receiving a different prize. The costs of Internet connection depend on the tariff plan that the customer has signed with his operator. The data of the participants are managed by servers located on the Italian national territory. Where social dynamics come into play there is a "mirroring" system that replicates the data on the competition management server that resides in Italy. It is attested that this promotion is in no way sponsored, supported or administered by Instagram nor associated with Instagram. With the participation, participating users declare that they are over 18 years of age and that they are already registered on Instagram before the start of the contest, the Promoter reserves the right to request proof of it. Article 5) ONLUS Any unsolicited or unassigned prizes, other than those refused, will be donated to the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research, CF 80051890152 based in Viale Isonzo 25, 20135 Milan.
  • It is understood that participants in the present rally claim to be over the age of 18. / )
  • Method of participation in this prize competition: participation entails for the consumer the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in this Regulation without any limitation.
  • Annex A Users residing in one of the States or Territories listed below are eligible to participate in the competition: Italy and UK.
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