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Hello girls!
Here we are at the last stop of this wonderful tour. This time it is played in our adopted city: the beautiful Treviso .
In fact, we moved with the company headquarters two and a half years ago from Naples.

An exceptional guest accompanied me to the Coin Event: Nicole Pallado .
A few days earlier we had agreed to meet for a very quiet dinner, at the end of which I proposed to accompany me in this last meeting with you. We talked for a long time that night, telling each other a lot about our past and discovering that we have so many things in common. She is also a young entrepreneur like me, and she seemed perfect for this day!

On the day of the event I was even more excited than the other times, it never passes!
Before arriving, there were two hours of makeup and hair preparations.
At 16:00 The event started and this time too the queue was crazy!
For the last meeting with you, I wore a black lace slip dress. I wanted something super elegant to go with the black Paige.
I also attach below the references to the outfit of the team and Nicole. TEAM’S LOOK NICOLE'S LOOK
In this stage they have passed to greet also some friends of Beatrice, our marketing manager, and have lent wearing our shirts and making us as models…. I must say that it was a moment of laughter as well… because labelrose is also this: joy with the team!!

A special thanks goes to our intern Sveva , Who came bringing beautiful flowers to me, Vittoria and mom. A gesture that warms the heart.

I also thank all the mothers who came to greet me with their little ones in all these events, it was super exciting and fun.

Below you can browse all the photos of the event: / /
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