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The history of denim is fascinating and goes back several centuries. The term “denim” comes from the city of Nîmes, France, where the fabric was originally produced. However, its worldwide popularity and spread is largely due to the United States.

Denim originates from the fabric called “serge de Nîmes”, a robust and resistant type of cotton. In the 18th century, this fabric was imported into the United States and became popular because of its durability and versatility. Over time, the word “serge” was shortened to “denim”.

In the 19th century, denim began to be used for the production of sturdy clothing, such as work pants and aprons. Its use spread among miners, railroad workers, and cowboys, who appreciated its stamina and durability. Denim became a symbol of workwear in the United States.

However, the real turning point for denim came in 1873, when Jacob Davis, a tailor of Latvian descent, teamed up with Levi Strauss, a textile merchant. Together, they created the first denim pants reinforced with metal rivets, which became known as the Levi's jeans. This innovation made jeans even more durable and made them suitable for heavy work.

Levi's jeans quickly became popular among manual workers of the time and were considered a symbol of strength and durability. During the 20th century, jeans also spread among young people as an informal and rebellious garment, becoming a symbol of counterculture.

In the 1950 s and 1960 s, denim became even more popular due to rock 'n' roll culture and the image of young rebels, such as bikers and rock musicians. This helped make jeans an iconic piece of clothing and a symbol of youthful rebellion.

In subsequent years, denim continued to evolve and be adopted in different subcultures and fashion movements. In the 1970 s, flared jeans became popular, while in the 1980 s ripped jeans and acid washes spread. In the 1990 s, tight jeans became fashionable, while in the 2000 s, low-rise jeans established themselves.

Today, denim is a fabric widely used throughout the world, present in different forms and styles. It is not only limited to jeans, but is also used for jackets, skirts, shirts and many other items of clothing. It has become a fundamental element of many people's wardrobe, remaining an icon of style and durability.

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